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I got some paintings. Some may have images of angels and people. Also pictures of sun or moon.
Is this a problem


Although there is a problem with making a painting of the sun or the moon, if you didn’t make them, but only have them it is permitted to keep. Although many years ago it would have been forbidden to keep such a picture, because it would arouse suspicion, the poskim say that nowadays it is permitted. This is because nowadays no one worships the sun of the moon, and no one is going to think that it is because you worship them.

Regarding images of people and angles, if they are related to Christian theology then they should not be kept, otherwise they may be kept, similar to a picture of the sun.


Emek Sheila 57-3, Mayshiv Davar 2-11, Chochmas Adom 85-6,7.

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