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Hafroshas Challah


I make 24(Tray Cakes) when making them each mixing bowl contains 500g of flour a little bit of water and other ingredients. I then half the mixture into two trays not weighed.

So overall I have used over 12kg of flour, they are going to be placed in freeze individually wrapped should I place all the cakes next to each other and take challah with a brocha or without? I hope this makes sense.


Since they are in separate trays, even if they will be on the same shelf in the freezer it will still be controversial if the different cakes will be considered combined (mtzuraf) or not, therefore you would take off challah without a bracha. If you would like to take challah with a bracha, to can do a different type of tziruf, and combine that different cakes by wrapping them in the same sheet. This is done by taking a large sheet under and over the cakes. Then you can take off the challah with a bracha. Alternatively, you can combine the cakes a different way, by putting them all into a big box and draping a sheet over the box.


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