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Hashavas aveideh


My kids found closed pack of kids prize kind of glasses on my driveway & they wanna have it
Left it outside on porch for few weeks to see if someone will come claim & no one did also asked some neighbors no one knew whose it is
Can my kids have it?


It depends what type of neighborhood you live in. If most of the people in your area are non jews, then we can assumethat the person who lost it was already meyayish from it and they may keep it. If howewver you live in a mostly jewish area, then they may keep it, but only after they make an announcment about it so that the person who lost it will be able to claim it. Keeping it on the porch, so someone can take it if they want is not enough to be considered an announcment. Your kids should write up a sign, and post it somewhere in the area that it was found, and if no one comes by claim it after a week, then they may keep it.

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