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Shnayim Mikra V’echad Targum


(I read the whole parasha once then the whole again and the the whole Targum)
If I have the option to read twice the parasha Friday night and once with the baal kore is it better to do shene micra in the night and then Targum with the baal core or better one micra and Targum in the night and then one micra with the core? (Since it is majloket if one can read Targum with the core but it’s better to do it in order, shene micra and after the Targum)


You are asking an interesting question. Between the two options, it is better to read the targum first, between the two micra’s, and read the torah together with the Baal Koreh then to read the targum during the reading. The reason is because according to many poskim it is considered a hefsek during the reading of the torah, as it is not possible for a person to listen to one thing and say another thing at the same time. The other option on the other hand is permitted according to many poskim, and even though according to some poskim it isn’t correct, b’dieved you are still yotza, therefore that option is what should be done.

As a side point  would like to share a beautiful idea that I heard from Horav Y. Cahen shlit”a regarding shenayim mikcra. the Baal Huturimat the beginning of Sefr Shemos says that the words ואלה שמות בני ישראל”. are the roshe teivos, 

” ואדם אשר לומד הסדר שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום בקול נעים ישיר יחיה שנים רבות ארווכים לעולם.

“And a person that will review the sedra shnayim mikra and once targum, and sing it in a nice tune, will live many long years forever”. The question is asked, what is he connection between being maavir sedra and having many long years forever? R’ Cahen shlit”a gave an to this, that the Chofetz  Chaim and others say that in olam haba, where the person’s neshoma will be enjoying the light and knowledge of H-shem, and the knowledge of the torah that a person will only be able to understand the parts of the torah that he learnt in this world and that he connected to in this world. However those parts of the torah that the person didn’t learn he will not understand them even in the world to come, therefore says the Chofetz Chaim that a person should try to learn all the different parts of the torah. R’ Cahen however added to this that when a person is maavir sedra after a year he has completed the whole written torah, (which is the basis of torah shbal pe and everything else) therefore in a certain sense it is as if he learnt the whole torah) at least on a minimal level). Therefore he will now benefit the long joyful years forever, because now he is connected to all parts of the torah. 


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