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I’m sitting in my work office, a four story building, we are the only office occupied in the building, and one more man is sitting right behind me. its after nine o’clock which means my workmates will arrive shortly but for now I’m here myself. They all have the keys to the office but there is also a bell to ring which I answer. We are doing real estate management so our tenants can also pop up anytime.

is it yichud in such a situation?


Being that you colleagues are expected to come right away, and because the tenants can also come it at any time, and if they ring the bell you will have to answer it right away, it technically would not be yichud. It isn’t the ideal situation, because often even when something isn’t technically yichud, it can lead to undesirable situations, however technically it isn’t yichud.


Rema E:H 148-2, Toras Hayichud 5-29

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