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Mechalel shabbos


Hi rabbi in short ive been married to a man for 12 years. Not only have i found proof of hos infidelities etc but i found out he is mechalel shabbos ..chatroom texting etc on shabbos..what now?
Any advice and halavha attached to this would be grestly appreciated !!! I have 3 ypung chikdren ages 6-11 and am afraid of how this will affect them as hes become more brazen with his anti GD and torah outlook!!!


This sounds very, very sad and difficult! You need to reach out to Rabbonim for help, and you will need help on other areas as well. The first place to start is with the Rov of your shul, etc. or someone that your husband respects, if that is possible. I know the name of another Rov that would be able to help you, his name is R’ Mechanic at 347-546-5233. If you need any more information, you can feel free to call me at 718-747-8310 (an American # in E. Yisroel).


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  1. Thank you Rabbi..i figured it might be more difficult than a simple yes or no!
    Thank you for all the information and IH i will give the rav a call. I dont think at this point there is any rabbi or others in my community or elsewhere that he respects or would listen to. This was a long time in.coming!! One sin begets another..and besides the other women.etc.he started taking off his tzizes and then not brachos the boundary he crossed of mechalel shabbos…this concerns me.more than anything he has ever done.or.will ever do.again!!! head around this!!! To be so brazen and to show such chutpah as to be chat room texting some girl on shabbos is beyond!!! My grandfather A”H refused to work on shabbos even at the loss of tremendous amount of a time.when jews were making excuses why they “needed”!!! I have no.words!!! I hope his crime is worth his punishment!!! All the best rabbi!!! Shabbat shalom!!!

    1. Call Rabbi Mechanic, but wait until Tuesday to call him, as he will be busy before then.

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