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We very recently lost our son after a very short and severe aggressive cancer of the stomach, kidneys and liver.
As we live in Devon and it happened during the recent Xmas & New year holiday period, we were unable to have his Levoyah until quite a few days after his passing.
he passed away on 27th December 2017 but the Levoyah did not take place until 3rd January 2108.
I have the Hebrew dates for both of the dates but what date do I keep for his Yartziet please?


This is very sad. Hamakom yinachem eschem botch shar aveilei tzion v’yirushalayim, v’lo tosifu ldaavah od.

Regarding the day of the Yahrtziet, for all years except the first, the Yahrztiet will be on the day of is passing. Regarding the first year it is controversial, some authorities say it is from the day of the passing and others say that it is from the day of the burial. The main one is from the day of the passing, however if it isn’t hard on you then it is better to also observe the day of the burial on the first year.



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