If a Funeral Home advertises itself as following traditional Jewish values, and an orthodox rabbi is acknowledged as associated with it on their website …. 1) Isn’t t the consumer led to believe that EVERY action on the part of the FH is”kosher”? 2) If once engaged with the FH one learns that employees are mistreated, sexually harassed, and business dealings questionable…does one seek a bet din or secular route??


When the funeral home advertises that they follow traditional Jewish values, this is referring strictly to the things that the home does in regard to the deceased people that it handles. However it does not give validation for the people running it to transgress any other violation of the torah, or of the secular laws. Even if they wouldn’t advertise themselves as having Jewish values they may not do things like that.

Regarding going to bet din etc. it sounds like someone in the FH did something to you that was very upsetting to you. In general we are not allowed to go to a secular court, but I cannot say anything until I know more of what you referring to.

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2 Responses to “Funeral Home actions”

  1. I am the rosha of a women’s chevre. I am in touch with other chevre’s…. we wonder about what we see and what to do. We also wonder about business tactics we see – in a Jewish FH – and know they are in direct conflict with Jewish work/business ethics.

    • It isn’t clear to me what you want to do. Are you asking if you should go to the police or bias din, or you just want to knmow if what they are doing is correct?

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