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Doing a bedikah after the yom vestos


Are there any opinions that hold that one doesn’t need to do a bedikah on any of the vestos if the woman missed making one during the veses? I thought I learned that one doesn’t have to And then I saw people say you must.


You are partially correct. It depends on what kind of veses it is. If she has a veses kavuah, (a specific day that she sees, whether it is every thirty two days, or a specific day of the Hebrew month), then even if she didn’t make a bedikah she may not have relations until she makes a bedikah. On the other hand, a woman that doesn’t have a veses kavuah, would not have to make a bedikah for the veses haflagah or yom hachodesh, but for the onah benonis, (day 30) she would have to make a bedikah. This is because we consider the onah benonis to be this woman’s veses kavuah.

A woman that has a veses haguf, (she feels certain physical symptoms that come when she is about to get her period) and she did feel these symptoms, according to some poskim she must also make a bedikah later even if she forgot to make it at that time. 


Y:D 187-9,11, Taz ibid 13. Taz 189-38.

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