In error I added some meaty soup powder to a parev vegetable soup in a stainless pan. Have I made anything meaty?
I made another batch of soup in the same pan. I realized what I had done while the water in the pan was still cool enough to put a hand in. What do I do?
I presume the first large batch of soup is probably now considered meaty.


The first batch of soup is meaty, because the meaty soup mix has meaty ingredients in it, therefore your pot in also meaty. Regarding the second batch of soup, it depends on the temperature of the soup. If it was over 42 degrees Celsius, then the soup would also be considered meaty. The fact that you could put your hand into it may not prove that it wasn’t yad soledes bo because often women are able to keep their hands in very hot water etc. also i am assuming that the second batch of soup was made within 24 hrs. of the first batch. in any case I would not eat the second batch of soup together with milky things.


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