I’m dating a guy seriously and a few emotional issues have arisen on my behalf that he is unwilling to get engaged if I don’t get help with them. Am I allowed to use my maaser money for counselling sessions even if I have spare money available which I could technically use ?


A person’s maaser money is supposed to be used to give to poor people, or for torah study, and it isn’t meant to be used for one’s own expenses. We don’t even use maser money to buy mitzvah items, such as an esrog etc. that one is obligated to do. Therefore you should not use you maaser money for the therapies.

May H-shem send you bracha and hatzlocha, and you should find your bashert soon.


Midrash Tanchuma Re’eh 18, Rema Y:D  149-1, Ahavas Chesed 2-18,

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