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A hired manager of a federally funded program allows select employees who are paid by the hour to not make up time when they go out in the middle of the day over their allowed time. This is done in secret. The manager’s supervisor does not know, and the federal officials do not know.

Is this stealing?


Based solely on the way you worded the question, without knowing any other information, it would not sound correct. We are not allowed to steal or lie to the government and take money from them that is not legitimate.


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  1. In regard to the question and answer when would it be considered not stealing for a manager to allow an hourly paid employee to not have to make up the time away from work or have their wages deducted from the time away?

    When would it be ok for a manager not to make a note in the payroll records regarding the absence of the employee?

    1. If it is something that the boss wouldn’t mind then it is permitted, but this deends on each instance individually.

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