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Meat knife cut onions – status of pot


  1. If I cut onions with a meaty knife and added those onions into a pot with fish, (and subsequently cooked) what is the status of the fish and pot?
  2. Also, if the pot acquires a “meaty” status, will it have the same level of a “regular” meaty pot? I.e., as if actual meat was cooked in the pot?
  3. Furthermore, if the pot becomes meaty, would I be able to use a dairy utensil to remove hot food from the pot?
    Thank you very much.



  1. Regarding onions cut with a meaty knife if they may be cooked together with fish. There are poskim that say it should not be done. B’dieved though, if it was already done, we may be lenient.
  2. Regarding cooking fish in a meaty pot, the minhag is that it may be cooked in a meaty pot, therefore even is the onions were meaty, and were cooked beforehand in the pot the pot may be used for fish. Regarding meat and milk, the fish should preferably not be eaten together with milk, but the pot does not have meaty status. The reason for this is because regarding the pot it is considered a nat bar nat of heter, because the taste went from the onion to the soup and then to the pot.
  1. According to what was written in 2. there would not be any issue with removing the foodwith a dairy utensil.


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