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hesped on erev shabbos at the levaya


There was a levaya on erev shabbos 230 in the afternoon and the Rabbi allowed hespedim. Is it a minchag or halachic restriction because of kvod shabbos? what is the minchag, maybe in a comunnity of baalei teshuva is different

thanks in advance for your response

Moshe Samsonowitz

at Bogota Colombia – visiitng


There are different opinions regarding saying hespedim at a levaya on erev Shabbos after chatzos. The Biur Halacha says that it is questionable, and he doesn’t say one way or the other. The Yad Eliyahu brought in Divrei Sofrim siman 14-240 says that it is permitted. On the other hand Pnei Baruch says not to say hespedim then. All agree however that it is permitted for a talmid chacham.

It is possible that the Rabbi did it based on one of these reasons, or there might have been a different consideration that he felt it was appropriate to do so.


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