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We have a set of correlle that we are fairly certain have been used with hot for both milk and meat by accident. THe bowls appeared very similar and were confused before we recognized that problem. Do they have to be thrown out?


You do not have to throw them out. You can clean them well, and then pour boiling water over them, called iruiy kli rishon. Try to make sure that the stream of water touches each part of the inside of the plates and bowls. Although it is controversial if the Askenazi minhag is to kasher glass or not, since the plates did not absorb taste in the form of a kli rishon, they may be kashered using iruiy kli rishon. If it is easier for you to just do a regular hagalah, that would surely be fine.

For the future, you should mark one of the sets in a way that it will be clear what it is, so that this does not repeat itself… or only use one of the sets.


See Y:D 121-2, . Minchas YItzchok 1-86(4), Teshuvos V’hanhagos 1-432, Maadanei Asher Issur Vheter 160-4. The Kosher Kitchen pg. 340-341.

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    1. You are right. If a plate was used in a microwave it would need hagala like a kli rishon, and according to some poskim it can’t be kashered. However in our case they think that the plates got mixed up, and it’s use for the other type is only a safek. Even if it did get mixed up, it is very possible that it wasn’t used in the microwave, as this is not its normal form of use. Plus the fact that many poskim say that it doen’t have to be kashered at all.

        1. Why should I be machmir on him, if it isn’t needed? Maybe it is hard or difficult for him to do hagalah in a kli rishon or the dishes are large and won’t fit in.

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