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Before I got married, I never had a steady period. 3 months before my wedding, I was on birth control that made me get a period those 3 months. I had 1 period after I got married and then got pregnant right after. A few weeks ago, I got my period for the first time in about 14 months. I never had a veset kavua. My question is now, if since I got my period, I have one? Or do I have to get my period the same date 3 times in a row to have a veset kavua? Is there any day that I have to do a bedika to make sure I’m not getting my period? Also, during my period that I had a few weeks ago, I started taking birth control and will take it for 3 months before going off to get a period.
Please advise.

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After a woman gets her period even though she didn’t get it three times yet, and it surely isn’t considered a veses kavua, she still has a veses sheino kavua (an irregular veses). A woman that has a veses sheino kavua, has to check herself a number of times because of the possibility that she may have a period at that time. These times are the next month on the Hebrew day of the month that she started to have her previous period (called a veses hachodesh). For example if her period started during the daytime of the 4th of Teves she has a veses hachodesh for the daytime of the 4th of Shevat. Aside from that she also has to check herself for what is called the Onah Beinonis- the 30th day from the day that her last period started. Which would be the whole night and daytime of the 4th of Shevat (It is preferable that she also keep the 31st day, which would be the 5th of Shevat).  There is potentially a third type of veses called the veses haflaga, which would be to count that amount of time that elapsed between the current and the previous period, but in your case that it was 14 months it is unlikely that it will be applicable for you at this time. 


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