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Resident of a non-Jewish nursing home during Pesach


My elderly mom, who is bedridden and very ill, lives in a non-Jewish nursing home. Is there anything I should know about what to do before and during Pesach? For instance, do I need to do bedikas chometz for her?

While she pays for a private room, she has no control over what the non-Jewish aides might bring into her room for her to eat. And because she can’t speak, she couldn’t ask them to remove it, even if she was aware they had brought something in. (Unfortunately, not all of the staff reads the signs in her room or looks at notes in the computer, so the best I could do would be to remove chometz when I’m there.)

Thank you!


Yes. You should try to do bedikas chometz for her, but more important try to arrange that during Pesach she should be given Pesachdik food. Maybe you can prepare it in advance and bring it to her, or pay one of the staff to see to it that for these days she is given the food that was prepared for her.

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