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Why is it assur to rip toilet paper, according to shu”a 314,8 “chotalos”?


Why can’t we rip toilet paper on shabbos, since it’s only purpose is to be used once, and nobody reattaches it, so why is it Koreah? The biur halacha in 314 “chotlos” says that the rabanan were only gozer that its asur to rip something like a jacket that people might eventually sew up, even without doing the tofer now. But this is definitely not the case with toilet paper.

And the mishna brurah siman 340, s”k 41 says “its assur to rip paper into pieces to clean with or for other uses” clearly is talking about actual paper, not toilet paper, since 1) he says other uses and 2) he says rip paper into pieces (keraim) which is mashma that he’s not talking about perforated toilet paper, rather sheets of paper into smaller pieces. But that’s only paper that has an original use and you can reattach it together to write a note or something, like it’s original purpose. But toilet paper can’t be written on and can’t be reattached easily because it falls apart, and besides for which, it’s designed for one temporary purpose?



The Mishah Berurah in siman 340 also includes toilet paper, whether it is perforated or not. In fact the perforations may add another issue to ripping them on the perforations- mechatech according to some poskim.  Ripping toilet paper is not similar to choslos because when someone rips a thin plastic or covering he is doing it with the intention of ruining the wrapping, and it is a milkalkel. Besides for the fact that the wrapping is botil to the item it is wrapping . Ripping off a piece of toilet paper on the other hand is metaken, because now the ripped piece is easier to use, therefore it is considered koreyah.


R’ Yisroel Stillerman shlit”a.

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