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Eating Chametz on Shabbos After Pesach

Shalom aleichem Rav Pfeffer,
I saw your answer from 3 years ago about eating chometz on Shabbos Motzei Pesach. Can you tell me sources that I can look this up in. Also, le’maasei, what do the gedolim of our generation posken.


Rav Ovadya Yosef speaks explicitly about this question (Yecheveh Daas, Vol. 2, no. 64), as does a sefer called Mishpat HaMechira. Both permit eating the chametz, explaining that the prohibition of muktzeh does not apply, and also writing that this will not be considered “gezel” from the non-Jew to whom the chametz was sold.

However, some are stringent on the issue, since Poskim emphasize the need to ensure the chametz is bought back from the non-Jew (see Chasam Sofer 109; Biur Halacha 448:3; Sedei Chemed Vol. 8, no. 9, sec. 23), and because it might bring people to take the sale of chametz less seriously. The Luach of Eretz Yisrael (Tikochinsky) is stringent on the issue.

Note that even concerning the muktzeh issue, Halichos Shlomo (10:16) notes that for chametz de’oraisa there is room for stringency since some forbid this as muktzeh. See also Piskei Teshuvos 448 (118). However, the strict halacha is certainly that it is permitted.

While one can be lenient in this matter, it also seems that the common custom is not to eat bread – though this might be because people generally refrain from selling actual bread.

Another reason for stringency is care to avoid contact of chametz with Pesach dishes that are still being used.

For sources on the matter see the teshuvah of Rav Ovadya zt”l as noted above, and see also Chevel Nachalaso 12:16 (available here).

Very best wishes!

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