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Using an oven for fleishigs and pareve


If I used my oven for fleishigs, for example to broil chicken, and then bake a pareve cake, can the cake be eaten with milchigs? If not, what needs to be done with the oven before I bake the cake in order to be able to eat it with milchigs? Thank you so very much!


It is controversial if one may use the same oven for milchigs and fleishigs, according to those that will use the same oven, then it would be permitted, as long as a different oven rack was used. However if you don’t usually use the same oven for milchig and fleishig, because you go like the poskim that the splatters on the walls of the oven, and the oven walls will give bliyos to the cake, then then you should not eat the cake with milk. If however the oven was cleaned or you waited 24 hrs after using the oven for fleishig and baking the cake then you would be allowed to eat it with milk.

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