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Getting into situations where I probably will be hearing Lashon Hara


If I know I’ll probably be hearing Lashon Hara while doing an act of chessed and I know that it’s very possible that I won’t have the courage to stop it(for example while visiting an old lady who speaks Lashon Hara a lot, or helping a neighbor who tends to get into many Lashon Hara conversations…)would I still be allowed to go do the chessed and hope that I won’t be nichshal and machshil or does Halacha require that I stay out of such situations?


If you know that you will probably hear lashon hora, then it is more important for you to protect yourself than to do chesed for other people. On the other hand if you can arrage that you won’t hear lashon hora, then it is better to try to work it out that you can do the chesed without harming yourself.


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