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Dear Rabbi,

I am seeing new things with new generations. Todays young chassidic student for instance shaves the top of head and applies of course still side curls.

What more can we add as our people are facing employment discrimination. I yet keep side curls slight but yet hope longer despite yet hoped employment in the USA. My family is here and I am yet to hope to give ever my hope residence in Israel.

I would like to strengthen the generation and find halacha is the big issue for many. As well, those who hate finding kosher choices is a horror.

Are there more employment issues we can discuss and apply in our yiddishkeit among places outside Israel? We many refuse yiddishkeit for job and few wish their hebrew address best.



It is very nice that you want to strengthen the generation, H-shem wants such people that are devoted to strengthening Judaism. One of the best ways for us to strengthen Judaism is to strengthen our Judaism and keep the halachot better, and be nice to people, act fairly and nicely to them and to be a good example for others to follow.


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