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Shomer negiah


If a female falls in front of a male and can get up herself but will be embarrassed that no one helped may the male assist her up. Can one go ice skating on a date knowing that he will probably be in the situation described


If the female falls in front of the male, she may very well not want the male to touch her and assist her when she can do it on her own, so there is no need for him to touch her, and he should refrain from doing so. This is especially true on a date, when helping her up would be part of his developing a relationship with her.

If you know that this most probably will happen when you go ice skating, (not that I am recommending that you go ice skating on a date), you should either mention it before hand, that you hope she doesn’t fall, but if she does, you won’t be able to help her up. Another alternative would be to find something else to do when you date.


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