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The scenario is if I asked someone if I can keep something, and the owner told me that it was fine that I keep it and that he was “miyayish” on the item since he no longer needed it.

I believe (not 100 percent sure, but pretty sure) that when he said he was “miyayish” on the item, he simply meant that he was fine with me keeping the item and that it was a present from him to me.
My question is if I am allowed to assume this, or should I be worried that since he used the term “miyayish”, the laws of avaidah midass, etc. would apply.
(there might be a difference if it is considered a matanah or finding an avaidah in the case I am referring to).

Just want to know if I need to be concerned about this?


According to what you wrote, the owner told you that you can keep the item, therefore he is allowing you to take it for yourself. When he used the term miyayish, he most probably meant “mafkir”, meaning that he is making it owner-less since he has no need for it anymore. Therefore you  may keep the item without felling guilty.

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