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taking Terumos and Maasros retroactively.


I just found out that the peppers i have been eating are from Israel and need Terumos and Maasros taken from them. I have already completely consumed previous purchases, and I currently have a salad already eaten from but a small portion is left. How do I go about Taking Terumos and Maasros from what I have left, and is there anything I can do about the peppers that have already been eaten?
Thank you,
C. Korman


Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do about what was already eaten, except do teshuva and make sure that you are more careful in the future to check that the produce that you eat is not from Israel, ( unless you know how to take off terumos umaasros. For the part that you have not yet eaten, you can separate terumos and maasros. I am attaching an article from Horav M. Heineman shlit” to take off terumos umassros.


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