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Dear Rabbi,

I have been davening for past years about the book of Daniel and a curiosity. It appears from traditionally yet may I be wrong that Daniel is not married.

I sense of course many small are the crowd of men whom marriage is not. I felt that I would call them Daniels as maybe Daniels life does not marry but Hashem of course only has a portion his life noted.

Is there more to learn? Surely bible thought on a yet unmarried man tells Hashem his plan is still just.



It is true, Daniel was from the Sorisi Hamelech  “the sterilized of the king”. This is something that the olden day kings did to their workers, so they would not be occupied with anything else but the service of the king. In Daniel’s case it was by king Nebuchadnezzar. Your point is a very good one. we do see from here that a person can reach tremendous heights, and accomplish a lot in life even if he did not get married. H-shem has a plan and a purpose for everyone, and no one is left out of insignificant.


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