How should we respond (physically, monetarily and emotionally) to the shooting in Florida?


You are asking a very important question. As Jews we certainly have to respond to what happened in Florida. The Gemorah in Yevamos 63a says that bad things do not happen to the nation of the world, only for Yisroel, and Rashi says, that it is in order for us to be scared and correct ourselves. Therefore we have to internalize what happened there, and realize that it is warning sign for us, and that H-shem means to send us a message with this. It is definitely something that we have to think about and internalize. After that, everyone knows what they have to work on, and in which area he/she has to improve. Then the person should try improving in a small way, by doing something small to improve themselves, and then we will know that we got the message.

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2 Responses to “How should we respond to the shooting in Florida?”

  1. there were many jews killed

    • That is even more reason that what was written applies!

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