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Matanos laevyonim


Thank you for your very interesting site.
In our town we have an organisation that collects and distributes thousands of euros as matanos laevyonim on Purim.
However they don’t redistribute all the money that is given to them. They keep a part of the money to be distributed later on Pessach and other times to the needy.
Is it correct to proceed like that? People who give on Purim do it for matanos laevyonim and not for other purposes.
Thank you for your insight on this.
Bebirkat Hatorah.


Based solely on what you are writing, it would appear, that the organization should distribute all of the money for matanos laevyonim, and then even if there is leftover money, the poor people can use it for whatever they want. However one cannot say anything definitive until after hearing the reason why the organization is doing this.


O:CH 694-2, M:B ibid 6 &9.

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  1. Following the answer from the Rabbonim of the Beis Hora’a I am adding additional info in order to receive a more precise psak.
    This organisation is distributing to a list of many families.
    The amount given is 35 Euros for each member of the family. A family of 2 parents with 3 children will receive 5 x 35 = 175 Euros. (close to 200 US$)
    The total amount given on Purim is about 20000 Euros.
    They total amout collected is about 25000 Euros.
    Therefore there are about 5000 Euros extra who will be given at other times like Pessach, etc.
    Is it right to do this or should they increase the amount given to each family ?
    We have had many discussions regarding how to understand the Mishna Berura 694:2 seif 6 and 9 you are quoting.

    1. Why don’t they want to give the rest of the money that was collected?

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