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After Brocho on a Cholent


If I ate a cholent, which consisted of vegetables and barley, but did not eat a כזית of barley כדי אכילת פרס, although I did eat a כזית of veg כדא”פ, were I to now eat a biscuit which is a כזית, would the על המחיה on the biscuit cover the cholent? Or would the cholent still require a בורא נפשות? Would there be a difference if the biscuit were only a כזית when being מצטרף to the barley?


Being that the cholent does not have כזית בכדי אכילת פרס its bracha achrona is Borei Nefashos. The fact that you ate biscuits, will be require you to say Al Hamichya, and it will not change the bracha achrona of the cholent. This is even if you didn’t eat enough of the biscuits to make make Al Hamichya on its own, and it will only be in conjunction with the barley in the cholent. Still, the bracha achrona on the cholent will be Bori Nifashos and since you ate a kzayis of five grains, you will also say Al Hamichya.



Horav S. Stitzberg shlit”a, author of Sharei Habracha, and other poskim. R’ Stitzberg took this idea even further. Even if the person ate two dishes and each one only had a little bit of mezonos in it, but between both dishes, he ate a kzayis of mezonos, he will also make two bracha achrona, Borei Nifashos on the dishes, and Al Hamichya on the grains.

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  1. far fetched that a bowl of chulent will not have kzayis within achilas pras

    1. Why do you feel a need to argue with the case that the person is asking?
      Besides there are many different cholents made by different people, and some people don’t put more than 16% or 12% barley in their cholent.

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