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Repair of shared water pipe


Shalom u’vracha,

The description of the water pipe in question is as follows: 6 attached houses (each having three apartments) receive water from one main meter of Gihon in Yerushalayim. A pipe runs from the meter to all six houses and there are six turnoffs so to speak where a pipe goes up to supply water to the three apartments of each house. Where that pipe goes up it is still before the private meters of each apartment. The pipe that goes up to the three apartments of which I am one of them developed a leak and had to be replaced. The plumber who did the work said that all the dayarim of all six houses are responsible to share in the cost of the work since the break in the pipe is before the private meters of our house. Please tell me if he is correct in that.

Kol Toov,


Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a .

It depends-in principle he’s right. However, if in the past each half kenessa acted on its own-for example when the roof was repaired did the whole building do it together or each half did its own-if they did their own-the same applies here as well since in essence they broke-up their partnership.

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