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Status of Pareve Oven


Someone transferred frozen pareve french fries that was already warming in a milchige oven (not sure how hot it got but the child claims it was still cold) into a pareve oven and warmed it up there. The problem is that the milchige oven was not clean and it is possible that some residue of cheese and other milchige burnt residue may have got stuck to the fries and was then warmed up in the pareve oven. What is the status of th pareve oven now. Is it still pareve?


My apologies that the it took so long to get back to you.

Regarding your question, the oven is still pareve. If the fries were not directly touching the pareve or the milchig oven, then we will not be concerned about the minute amount of zeiah, in the fries. Besides, if the child said that the fries themselves were still cold, the oven couldn’t have been that hot. Even if the fries were put directly on the oven rack, the amount of residue that got on them would be botil and wouldn’t make the oven milchig.


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