Dear Rabbi,

When a man observes a woman in pants, should he mind the aggression? The fear of G-d is clearly marked off.

How does Jacob exist when women are agitating the board rooms, social halls and fervor of any respectable community.

100 years are hard and I may hope to live them all. Minds select their garb. I note. I have eagerly asked relatives to consider proper feminine dress. All unorthodoxy protests.

Hard fast bed is hoped at the end of the day. Every day is the same war. Kosher is despised and I am never kept among the safe.

Hope it may ever improve. I live among many and my state in the U.S. like all is very feminist dominated except in the synagogue.

Hashem help.


You are very right, things in this world are full of difficulties and frustrations. We have to look at the bright side of it, that the more difficult the challenge is, the more reward we will get for H-shem. Keep o going and your doing great.


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