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Shared costs of appliances/roommate


My roommate is getting married bh. We moved in together 2 years ago (minus 3 months). We split the cost of new appliances and furniture 50/50 and we vaguely agreed we’d buy out whoever moved out first, but terms weren’t specified. She recently asked me for the full half of the price we paid. I don’t think that’s fair, as we both used everything equally for the last 2 years and they are not new anymore. I am willing to give her half of the market value of the stuff we bought. What does Halacha say about this? Thanks.


It is not possible to fully answer you without first hearing the other side and what your roommate has to say, and why she wants you to pay the full half price. However based on what you are saying it would seem that you have to buy her out of half the value of what she owns, and that is the current value of the appliances and furniture.

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