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Can someone be Motzai some with a different H’avarah in Krias Megillah


Can someone be Motzai someone with a different H’avarah in Krias Megillah?
Is there a Tsad to be Machmir or by being Machmir are you showing that you hold the other H’avarah is a Tous (error) and therefore only someone who is Makpid can not be Yotzai or Motzai someone of a different H’avarah ?


There are different opinions  whether one may be yotza Parshas Zachor or the Megillah with someone that has a different havara. Therefore it is preferred to hear the Megillah in the havara that is according to his minhag. However if one didn’t or can’t hear the megillah in the correct havara, he cn be yotza the megillah even with a differant havara.


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