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Clarifying question 46188


I want to clarify the third part of the question. When I asked if Hashem forgives a person who doesn’t ask for forgiveness, I didn’t mean if the person doesn’t care about what he did. I meant if the person feels unworthy of forgiveness and can’t bring himself to ask, or can’t bring himself to accept the possibility of forgiveness. Not because he doesn’t care, but because he feels to terrible and ashamed to ask for forgiveness.


We have to remember that H-shem is our father, our creator, and the one who sustains us every second. He created us in order to give us the opportunity to get close to him, and He is waiting anxiously for us to ask for forgiveness so He can forgive us and help us get closer to Him. Feelings that we are not worthy to ask forgiveness are all from the yezter hora, because he wants to prevent us from asking for forgiveness. He tries to convince us that our sins are so great that we are lost. tis way he can get us to give up… and then we’re really lost. Therefore don’t listen to such thoughts, and remember that H-shem is waiting for you… don’t keep him waiting!!

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