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Halacha–Are you allowed to have a non-Jew at a Purim Party?


Dear Rabbi

Thank you Rabbi for your kindness and help in answering my Shailos

I know that we are not permitted to cook for a non-Jew on a Festival Yom Tov and not even allowed to invite him to eat with us on Yom Tov–does this also include Purim which is not a Festival but a Yom Tov? I know a person who saw a flyer from a shul about a Purim event they are having which will include the Megillah reading, music, entertainment and the Festive Meal we are to eat on Purim. He expressed a desire to go and the flyer is so attractive and shows delicious food that will be served.

I want to be a good example and a Kiddush Hashem to him as we are supposed to be to the gentile. I said I don’t know yet whether I will be attending that particular event. I do want to attend an event but I’m not really comfortable bringing a non-Jew–I want to focus on the Mitzvot of Purim and do what Hashem wants me to do always. How should I handle this situation? Would this be a violation of Torah and Halacha, G-d forbid to have the non-Jew eating with us on Purim at our Festive meal which is the fulfillment of one of the Mitzvot of Purim


The reason we don’t have a non Jewish guest on yom tov is because we may only cook on yom tov if it is for enjoyment of the yom tov. Therefore we may not cook for a non  Jew on yom tov since cooking for him is not considered for the enjoyment of yom tov. This all applies only to an actual yom tov such as Succos or Pesach, but it doesn’t apply to Purim since there is no restrictions about cooking on Purim. Therefore one may have a gentile guest at his Purim seuda.

As a side point, it would be advisable to ask the people running the event if then are alright with you bringing your friend to the event.


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