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Mishloach manos for avel


  1. I am in availus. How many mishloach manos may I give? I understand they are not supposed to be fancy, just basic food. Is that right?
  2. If people at my job each get a gift (before Purim) in honor of Purim, may I accept it? It’s not expensive.


Hamakom Yinachem Eschem B’toch Shaar Aveilei Tzion V’yerushalayim. Regarding your questions

  1. You are correct, an avel should send mishloach manos, but not fancy things. Regarding the amount of people that he may send to, some poskim say that he may only send to one person, and others say that he may send to two or three.
  2. An avel is allowed to accept the gifts that are given to the employees from his job. This is because it is not considered a present for the sake of friendship but a social norm, and  as a form of compensation and pay for the work that they did, therefore it may be accepted. Aside from this if someone did send mishloach manos to the avel he is allowed to accept it, and this would be the same.



1. O:CH 596-6, M:B ibid 18, Regarding how many to send see Knesses Hagedolah brought in Beer Hetiv O:CH 596-9, Shut Medidos (Pri Megadim) 58, Ben Ish Chai 1 Titzaveh 18, that he should only send one. Nachlas Shiva 17 says 1 or two, Orchos Yosher pg. 157, Maharil 17, Haparnes 269.  Note: In Kovetz Halachos (Purim 15-36) has a different opinion on this the poskim mentioned above.

2. Teshouvos Vhanhagos 1-692, Divrei Malkiel 5-16, Ksav Sofer O:CH 141.

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