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Mishloach Manos & Tevilas Keilim


With regard to your post it is written, “In the case of Mishloach Manos, however, the person giving the Mishloach Manos is himself using the utensil to store and to present the items he wishes to give. In this case, he is using the dish “for his own use,” and can therefore do the tevillah himself.”

Other than this website, are there any published teshuva/os source(s) asserting or relying upon this sevara?

Where is the Kollel located? I could not find an address or location anywhere on your website.

Thank you.


This idea happens to be brought in Kovetz Halachos ( Horav S. Kaminetzsky shlit”a) Purim, chap. 15 footnote 50. It is true that there are other poskim that disagree with this and hold that the person giving the present may not toivel it, ( see sources). As a side point even for those poskim that wouldn’t agree to this ruling, there is another idea, that can be used some of the time. Buy the dish and tovel it with a bracha. Then put your candies of chocolates inside it and eat some of the candies from the dish (most people happen to like this idea). This way you used the dish for yourself, for eating, then you can give it to your friend, and they can use it without a problem. You will just have to leave a note that the kli was already toveled, so that they don’t tovel it again and make a bracha.

As a side point, in the above stated post it is written, “Alternatively, the dish can be given with something separating between the dish and the food”, The Rov who wrote that post most probably meant that if the food is put into a bag, that it doesn’t have to toveled, however if the food is merely put on to a napkin, or a piece of paper, that would not suffice to say that the food is not inside the vessel, and it would be as if the food was placed directly inside it.


Taz Y:D 120-10, M’kor Chaim siman 14 pg. 40, Ohel Yackov Tevilas Keiliim 76, MInchas Shlomo 2- 66 (5).

Regarding putting a napkin in the kli- see Ohel Yackov ibid 44 ftnt 72. (Although he is discussing a kli that always has a napkin inside it, which he says is controversial, in this case that it is only temporary everyone would agree that it doesn’t help, and it is considered botil to the kli.

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