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Dear Rabbi,

I had just bought a wooden comb online for my beard. It was noted to be a peach tree comb which I selectively now wonder the halacha. If the patron destroyed a peach tree to make the 99 cent comb, can I use it now that I have made the purchase knowing the forbidden sense we must never destroy a fruit tree? I later saw other similar wooden combs with unspecified wood. This might be useful but is there a halachaic issue. Also, if the tree was only grown for its wood or it died and the wood was used, that would perhaps seem safe.

Please discuss great odd comb or useful household addition.



You are allowed to use the comb. The reason is because the prohibition not to destroy fruit trees only applies to the actual act of destroying it, however after it was destroyed there is no prohibition against using it’s wood. As a side point, in this instance there was no transgression done in destroying the tree, because it was destroyed by a non Jew, and not destroying a tree is not one of the seven Noahide laws. Therefore you can use the comb without any hesitation.


Toras Chaim 126-3, Marchei Lev Y:D 23, Maharashem 1-161, Eitz Hasadeh 1-13.

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