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Din chazakah / din kedimah


We are a group of about 15 people, we have been renting in the summer bungalows for the last 3 years from someone… with no previous notice we found out that he took a deposit from someone else to sell the bungalows we have been renting the last few years, so the question is, do we have here a taneh chazakah / din kedimeh if we offer the same amount of money…


Based solely on what you are saying, and without knowing what the seller has to say, it would appear that you  do have a claim to be a Bar Metzra since you are the one who rented the bungalow for hat last number of years.


CH:M 175- 59, 60 Bais Yosef ibid.30 ( 62-2) in the new Tur.

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