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dream meaning


To the Reverend Rabbi:
I ask Your Reverence to advise me on this subject:
I dreamed that inside my room was a small hole in the ground, and from there came a very large snake, the snake was too long, that the tail was in my room while the head was already in the other compartment of the house.
What does this dream mean?


In general nowadays we don’t concern ourselves with the me  trying to interpret the meaning of dreams. This is for a number of reasons, first of all that nowadays most people are not on the spiritual level of having a divine revelation trough a dream. Secondly, because most dreams are based on ideas that were in the persons mind, and that is why the person was thinking about these things. In fact if the idea, (in your case a snake) if you saw of thought about a snake within the last forty days, it will affect your dreams and whatever you dreamed  about snakes will have no meaning to it.


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