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Clarifying my questions


I would like to restate my questions (46068, 46069, 46092) as I feel I wasn’t so clear:

1) I meant to ask if the chosson misunderstood what it said in the kesubah, does he need to be nervous that perhaps he needs to give another kesubah.

2) If a chosson did not own the kesubah when he gave it to his wife (for example, he used someone elses without permission), is it a valid kesubah. The person who originally owned the kesubah said afterwards that he is mochel the chosson for using it, so it is no longer a problem of stealing. Does the chosson need to be makneh it again to his wife, etc.?


Regarding both of your questions, L’chatchila the chosson should know exactly what the kesubah says, and he should also own it, however even if he didn’t know what it said, and even if he took the actually paper from someone else and filled it out and gave it to his wife, the kesubah is still kosher.  There is no point in being giving it again to his wife, as she was already koneh it. See Orchos Mishpot ( R’ Oshinsky) pg. 17


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