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Hatarat Nedarim


I was matir several kabbolos recently.
I wanted to be matir several of the kabbolos together, and one of them separately.
I told one person all the details and pesach/charata, and then had 2 additional people sit with him to be matir.

I told the group to say 3x “hakol mutarim luch” (since it was multiple kabolos).
Then I was matir the one additional kabalah and told them to say 3x “hakol mutar luch” one more time.

I did it pretty quickly and didn’t explain very very clearly that I had several kabolos to be matir and that the second hatarah was for an additional kabalah, etc.

Am I allowed to assume that since they were frum yidden they probably understood that I was coming to be matir my kabolos since I told them to say “hakol mutarim luch”,
and also that they understood that when I told them to say “hakol mutar luch” again that it was for an additional kabalah?? is it all fine?



Even though the other two people that are being matir the neder don’t have to know the details of the neder, they do have to know that there is a neder here that they are being matir. If they didn’t know that they are being matir two different nedarim, it most probably doesn’t work, and he should be matir the neder again. Even though they were told to use a plural terminology, this will not really help because this is the standard term that is used. The fact that you told them to say a singular nusach afterwards is not going to help for what they already said, because they didn’t know that there were two nedarim here.



Rav Yitzchok Eliyahu Shtesman, author of Kol Nidrei

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