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Shaving moustache


Is it ok to shave the area between the upper lip and the nose with a razor? As baal tachshis only applies to the beard it seems that I would not be oyver right?


My apologies that it took a while to get back to you.

Regarding your question, technically it is not one of the 5 places that we may not shave our beard with a razor (at least according to most opinions). However the Shulchn Aruch says that nevertheless a G-d fearing person should still not use a razor to shave on any part of his beard or moustache, as there are opinions that the sides of the moustache are included .


Rosh Makkos 3-2, Y:D 181-11, Taz ibid 3, Chayei Adam 89-14, Chofetz Chaim Introduction to Kuntris Tiferes Adam-2, KItzur Shulchan Aruch 170-2..

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