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Caring for elderly father during davening


I take my elderly father – who is unable to look after his physical needs – to shul on Shabbat. What is the halacha if he has to go to the washroom while I am davening shemonei esrah?


If you can finish davening shemona esrei, (until after y’hiyu l’ratzon), finish before helping your father. However if your father has to go immediately, and it is disturbing your concentration, and he doesn’t want or can’t go on his own, you are allowed to take him to the washroom, between brachos. You should try not to talk out, but if you have no choice it is permitted. After finishing with your father continue shemona esrei from where you left off.


O:CH 104-2, M:B ibid 9, Ishei Yisreol 32 ftnt. 45 in the name of Leket Hakemach Hachadash 94-2, regarding a child.

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