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Blessing on coffee


If I make a shehakol on a coffee in shul and then walk out side to my car or even walk down the block do I have to make another brucha??

Basically is the street considered shinu mokom and that may require a new brucha or is it considered a holech derachim and may not need a new brucha??

Thank you


If you started drinking the coffee inside the shul, and then you walked outside you will have to make another bracha, because leaving the biulding that you are in is considered shinui makom, and it necessitates a new bracha in the new place that you are drinking. However if you made the bracha as you were walking outside, i.e. with your coat on already, then we  can say that you are already en route, and considered holchei derachim.


Rav B Forst shlit”a

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