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Purchases during Sefira


Can one purchase items for the home during sefira, such as light fixtures or furniture? Can one paint or redecorate?


According to most poskim, it is permitted to buy new clothing during sefira, and it is also permitted to make renovations during sefira. Although these are things that may not be done during the three weeks, that is because then it is a period of mourning over the Bais Hamikdash, however regarding sefira, the Shulchan Aruch does not mention these things in the minhagim of things that we don’t do during sefira.


M:B 394-2, Kaf Hachaim 394-4, LIkutei Maharich, Emes L’yackov 493 ftnt 466, Piskei Halachos ( Sefiras Haomer) 8-5. The Letket Yosher however says not to make a shechiyanu during sefira and others says that one should also not buy new clothing, howeever most poskim don’t say this.

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