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Are we chayav to pay repairman?



Several months back, my wife called a repair company to service the fridge which wasn’t cold. We paid them 250 shekels for first visit. They weren’t successful in figuring out the cause of the issue, and kept coming back time and again, taking it apart, switching parts back and forth etc. For a while it was cold but made a terrible very louding buzzing noise which disturbed everyone. They returned again a few times and eventually no more noise but also not cold again. Then the fridge was cold but not the freezer. It only freezes things halfway. So my wife called them again last week, and the guy fiddled around and didn’t fix anything, except he pushed a test button which released some ice that was stuck in the icemaker. He claimed it’s fixed but she showed them the ices etc is till only half frozen…then they demanded another 250 shekels since they made a rule (seemingly suddenly) that each visit fee is only good for 3 months even if the problem isn’t fixed yet.

My wife told them we’d ask a Rav…so here I am…

thanks very much and tizku l’mitzvos!



Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a

What I am writing is not binding since I didn’t hear two sides but if they didn’t tell you before you called them this time and it isn’t the minhag you needn’t pay.


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