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Halacha of science monitoring


Dear Rabbi,

Odd question. I made a purchase of a barometer digital. Seems neat. It did not fully work but had sunrise set times.

Now I wanted that feature and found one with sunrise sunset but it also denotes daily for me moon rise and moon set. Seemed greatly interesting or daringly is it just thrilling? Can a yidden be too obsessed with moon times and does this cross halacha. It seems funny but I wonder if there is a stigma to be monitoring the moon. I have yet to receive the weather station and may perhaps make a return.

Seems good to have sunsets noted for Friday night. Maybe should I get one without moon.



Knowing when the moon rises and sets is not against halacha. It is part of knowing H-shem’s creation, and it is no worse than learning any other part of science. In fact there are times when it is halachically practical to know when the moon will rise and set, in order to know when one will be able to say kiddush levana.


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