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How does Hashem relate to remorseful sinners?


How does Hashem relate to remorseful sinners who have not yet fully done teshuva but they want to and they are trying? What about someone who wants to do teshuva but is having trouble breaking free of the sin? For example if they keep talking impulsively, lying/exaggerating, speaking lashon hara, etc. even though they try to stop? It’s so hard for me to stop. I feel very sorry and embarrassed but I keep doing it. How does Hashem relate to me? Does it matter if the sin is bein adam l’chaveiro or bein adam l’Makom? I have trouble with both.


We all have nisyonos and a yetzer hora, and we don’t always win him. we try our best t do the best we can, and whatever we fail at, we feel bad about it and do teshuvah, and try our hardest not to do it again. Keep on fighting and you will get better and better at it.

There is a difference between teshuva of Bein Adam L’makom and Bein adam L’chaveiro, that when doing tesdhuva Bein Adom Lchaveiro we have the person we offended and H-shem forgiveness.


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